Train Freight

Our services are cost-effective, and are also highly efficient and time-bound !

We offer dedicated space inaccordance to that we have great flexibility in negotiating with our suppliers.

We provide proactive following for personalized service with a dedicated customer representative. From booking, paper work preparation to delivery, our customer representatives will always be there for any of your questions.

We analyze and choose the best option for your transportation with respecting your instructions and profile.

It is widely recognized that rail and the freight services offered are many times more efficient on environmental and safety grounds than either road or air. Despite this, rail operators will only retain or win market share when their performance is equal or better than the market leader on all criteria, including price and service quality.

Railway safety is promoted and monitored through the Safety Unit and the Safety Platform of safety managers. It provides an opportunity for the networked development of safety management through combining knowledge, analytical experiences and a sound level of technical expertise.